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Some of our recent projects:

Isfahan Power Plant
Vibration Analysis of a 320 MW Steam Turbine in Isfahan Power Plant.

South Pars 15&16
Commissioning and Pre-commissioning of 3 X Centrifugal Air Compressor and 3 X Air Dryer package with Bruel & Kaeger and Siemens S7 PLC.

Isfahan Petrochemical Company
Installation and Commissioning of an electromotor driven process gas compressor in PA plant.

South Pars 9&10
Commissioning and Pre-commissioning of 3 X Centrifugal Air Compressor and 3 X Air Dryer package with Bentley Nevada Vibration Monitoring System and Siemens S7 PLC.

Maroun PC
Repair of single stage Steam Turbine and driven pump including governing system.

Sarcheshmeh Copper Industry
Installation, Commissioning and Pre-Commissioning of a 4.1 MW Sulphur recovery unit centrifugal compressor with Bentley Nevada vibration monitoring system, variable speed turbo coupling and liquid starter- OPI.

Miankouh Gas Transmission Station
Service and repair of reciprocating gas compressor.

Khangiran Gas Refinery
Installation, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of 6 X SRU compressors, 6 X Steam turbine (Direct Drive), Bentley Nevada vibration monitoring system and Siemens PLC.

Commissioning of 13 Metering stations.

UAE Fujairah
Refinery overhaul loading pump station.

NPCC in Abu Dhabi
Commissioning of Methanol injection package platform.

Process equipment supervisory.

Refurbishing of an Oxygen plant (Rotary Equipment).

Overhaul of a 4 stage integrally geared turbo compressor including drive.

Overhaul of a 14000 rpm 8 stages centrifugal compressor including self cleaning filter suction. Supervision of commissioning of Nitrogen generator package, instrument air .

Karoun Dam Project
Installation and Commissioning of integrally geared compressor .

Marun PC
Overhaul of a HP centrifugal compressor .

3rd Methanol plant
Installation of steam turbine as drives for syn gas compressor .

Installation and commissioning of a 12 MW centrifugal compressor .

Overhaul of a 3.2 MW process compressor .

Installation and commissioning of a 5.6 MW process gas compressor .

installation of a 9 MW steam turbine as drive of a syn gas compressor .

3rd Methanol Plant
Installation and commissioning of integrally geared compressor .

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